Care Instructions


To prolong the life of your garment please read the care instructions on the tag. The tag is usually attached on the inside of the garment.
Different perfumes, perspiration, lotion and even body chemistry can cause the straps and band to loose elasticity over time if the garment isn’t washed properly and regulalry after use.

Hand wash is the best and preferred method. Be careful that the temperature of the washing water isn’t exceeding the recommended temperatures. Rinse the garment and squeeze excess water. Mild soap or detergent can be used.

In some cases it is possible to use a washing machine. Always use a lingerie bag. Choose the right program in your washing machine. Pls read the instruction manual to find the right program for your washing machine. Before washing, check that the bras are not tangled together in the bag. 

If the manufacturer recommends dry cleaning the garment, follow their advice.

The safest method for cleaning is handwash. Never place your bras in the dryer. Elasticy of the garment will be destroyed by the heat. 
After the wash reshape your garment and let it hang (not by the straps ) and dry or let it dry flat on a towel. Don’t put the garments on radiators. Avoid sunshine because the colors will fade and there is possibility of discoloration.

Let your bras rest. By switching different bras regulary the elastic in your garment will last longer.