Mey Noblesse long-sleeved undershirt


Mey Noblesse long-sleeved undershirt

Mey Noblesse long-sleeved undershirt - Mey Noblesse long-sleeved undershirt made of soft 100% cotton, that keeps you warm. Smooth and with no side seams, it is invisible under your clothes. Round neckline edged in satin. Washable at 60°C. Amazing quality and fit.

Material: 100% Cotton

Color: White and black


Product Note Status Price
Mey Noblesse short-sleeved undershirt Mey Noblesse short-sleeved undershirt
34.90 €
Mey Noblesse top Mey Noblesse top
22.90 €
Mey Noblesse spaghetti strap top Mey Noblesse spaghetti strap top
22.90 €
Mey Noblesse leggings Mey Noblesse leggings
36.90 €
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