Mey Emotion underklänning

599,00 kr

Mey Emotion underdress

Mey Emotion underdress - Get this underdress from the Mey Emotion series out of your wardrobe and experience its versatility for yourself. When used as an undergarment, it ensures your dress falls perfectly while ensuring your modesty when wearing a dress that is not entirely opaque. It features adjustable satin spaghetti straps to ensure a comfortable custom fit and elegant style.

Material: 50% viscose, 46% polyamide, 4% elastane

Color: Black, natur, skin and night blue


Produkt OBS Status Pris
Mey Emotion underkjol Mey Emotion underkjol
469,00 kr
Mey Emotion spaghettitopp Mey Emotion spaghettitopp
289,00 kr
Mey Emotion top Mey Emotion top
269,00 kr
Mey Emotion kortärmad underställströja Mey Emotion kortärmad underställströja
379,00 kr
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Mey Emotion top
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